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portfolio cover with an illustration of a folklore creature with the head of a bison on a human body dressed in a sardinian traditional outfit, on green/blue background and the caption "hi! this is my portfolio. I'm Roberta Ragona, but it's easier to find me as tostoini,"

Mi chiamo Roberta Ragona ma è più facile trovarmi come Tostoini. Disegno spesso animali marini. Faccio illustrazione – e ne scrivo anche – per editoria, musei, adv, comunicazione e visual facilitation ma soprattutto perché mi diverto.

Illustrator with a soft spot for anthropology. Born in Sardinia, living in Milan, working with clients from all around the world and missing the sea all the time. I draw colorful illustrations for magazines, books, museums, adv, visual facilitation but most of all for fun, and it works for every project from children books to brand communication.