Tostoini's etsy shop | mostly illustrations | http://www.tostoini.etsy.comEtsy

If you are looking for postcards and posters, (and most of all the 2020 Lamentino the manatee calendar) you can pay a visit to my Etsy shop. It’s mainly illustration in postcard format and posters, and of course plenty of manatees in every possible format: notebooks, stickers, temporary tattoos and enamel pins, pattern pendant necklaces, fabric buttons and brooches.


Tostoini's patreon page | mostly illustrations |


If you’d like to have new stuff every month designed for you and a handful of other happy people, you can become a patron on my Patreon page.  My patrons gets a new lamentino illustration every month, a newly designed Lamentino postcard every other months, discounts on my Etsy Shop, pins, magnets, temporary tattoos, lots of silly stuff based on that month’s illustration. You can find more details here.

Tostoini's redbubble shop | mostly illustrations | http://tostoini.redbubble.comRedbubble

There are plenty of other products I would like to make, but I live in a tiny house so I can’t manage a big inventory, and that’s why I’m on Redbubble.  There you can really go crazy on stuff with my silly creatures on it: from apparel to home decor, laptop sleeves, iphone cases, mugs, water bottles, pillows, clocks, stationery, bags, wall art, you name it.



If you’re into sewing, designing clothes and everything even remotely related to fabric, I’m also on Colorsoup, a marketplace devoted to all things fabric. I publish there all my new pattern designs and surface designs. If you’re interested in working with me on a new design just for your collection: write me, I will be more happy to put on fabric your ideas!

If you’re looking for a custom illustration, a wedding invitation design, a birthday card, a portrait, an ex-libris or any kind of tailor-made illustration, write me. Drop me a line and I will happily explain you how does the process work, how many drafts and reworks can you expect, how long it takes, what are the prices and everything else. If you need some ideas, here’s a little selection of some of the illustrations I created for many happy customers:


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